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How To Play Violin

How To Play Violin

While you are reading this, a person somewhere on the planet is learning a musical instrument. They could be learning how to play the violin, if not on a regular basis, perhaps for the very first time. Perhaps you have considered picking up the violin at some point in your life, maybe when you were young. And now you're ready to do something with that desire.

Stringed instruments such as guitars and violins, have been popular throughout the world. They are used to great effect in motion picture music and have been able to capture the imagination and pull at the heart strings of viewers everywhere. Whether you're interested in classical music, blue grass, jazz, and even rock and roll, you'll find the violin prevalent in all these genres.

When you were a child, maybe you were forced to learn the violin. Certainly, a lot of children did, especially with the prevalence of the Suzuki method. Regardless of where you went, you saw scores of children carrying their violin cases everywhere. I certainly gave serious thought to the violin when I was a teenager, and then I decided to go with the cello for a while, and then back to the violin I went after I realized how strenuous it was to carry the cello everywhere I went.

If you want to start the road of learning the violin and you want to take it serious, you need a plan. There is way too much information out there about what you should or shouldn't do, and everyone has their own opinion. However, one thing has stood the test of time, and that is, you must have time to practice. No matter how good you think you are or can be, everyone can use practice. Even prodigies practice. And you should do it frequently and consistently. Don't practice for 3 weeks in a row and then take six weeks off. Instead, practice twice a week and keep going. Bring your violin with you whenever you travel. One of the great advantages of the violin is its size, so it's easy to take along without much thought. And if you are concerned about your prized antique violin getting lost by the talented baggage people, consider buying a cheap practice violin and keep your expensive one at home. If you find yourself away from your instrument for long periods of time, you can resort to playing "air violin". I know it sounds strange, but closing your eyes and focusing on playing notes may actually be helpful, and it certainly gives your fingers the movement they need in order to keep your skill level focused.

Once you can play basic tunes, consider recording yourself. There are few things that can help more than to hear yourself and want to make progress. You'll end up with recordings of your playing going years back, and it will be amusing to hearlisten to them and see how you've progressed through time.

Look for other people interested in violin. Just like in tennis, it can make you a better player to practice along with players who are better than you. And if you are serious about the violin, it could be beneficial to develop friendships with like-minded individuals. Not only do you share a common interest, it's a starting point to even greater things. Who knows? For the single violin players out there, it might be the start of a wonderful new relationship.

Regardless of what you do, try to remain consistent and try to make progress. If you can only devote a day a week to practice, make sure you do it it each and every week. Don't skip. Make people around you realize how important it is, and take the time to do a good job.

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