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Eight Men Own Half the Wealth <--click for more

Eight is enough -- when it comes to most of the world's wealth, anyway.

Eight men have as much wealth as 3.6 billion people who comprise the poorest half of the world's population, according to a new report.

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Private Lunar Landing? <--click for more

A company called Moon Express, Inc. wants to land on the moon. Once it gets there, it wants to mine it as well.

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What Would It Be Like to Live on Alien Planet Kepler-186f? <--click for more

In recent years, NASA's Kepler space telescope and other observatories have discovered more than 1,800 extra-solar planets, with thousands of additional "candidate" planets awaiting confirmation. Current technology is nowhere near able to allow quick intergalactic travel, but if you somehow wound up on an Earth-size alien world, what would you experience?

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Great big planet orbiting tiny little star <--click for more

Scientists from the Research School of Astrophysics and Astronomy in Australia have spotted a new exoplanet, which wouldn't usually be huge news. After all, astronomers have identified more than 1800 planets orbiting alien suns in the last few decades. What sets this one apart is that it's very large, and the star it's orbiting is unusually small and dim. This discovery could actually change our understanding of how planets form.

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US Lowers Fluoride Recommendations <--click for more

The federal government has lowered the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water for the first time in five decades.

The Department of Health and Human Services is now advising water supply managers to reduce levels of the mineral to 0.7 milligrams per liter (mg/l). The previous recommendation, developed in 1962, advised communities to permit fluoride concentrations between 0.7 and 1.2 mg/l.

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NBC developing series based on The Beatles <--click for more

A drama series based on The Beatles? According to rumors, NBC might actually be doing this. An eight-eposite series is purportedly in the works, although we will have to see if it comes to fruition.

Click HERE for the entire story.

Lower Your Blood Pressure <--click for more

Want to learn how to lower your blood pressure, boost energy levels, and eliminate problems with cholesterol? Check out this free presentation.

Alternative To Solar Power <--click for more

Have you heard of the Rawlemon device? It's set to innovate the way we harness power from the sun. Photo-voltaic cells by themselves are very inneficient, but this device moves around, tracking the sun, and gathers light in a concenrated way that really does solar power justice. Check it out HERE

Backlink Express <--click for more

Looking for a cheap way to get decent backlinks to your website? Look no further! Check out our updated Backlink Express widget. Simply install it on your websites, and in no time, you'll start receiving backlinks to your page with no work! Check it out now!

Under Investigation by the Government <--click for more

Are you OK with the government tracking your every move, no matter where you go, and no matter what you do? Did you know that law enforcement has the ability to capture images of license plates at about 1800 plates per hour wherever there are cameras spying on you? Check out the complete story by Michael Robertson HERE.

Ekobrew Elite Reusable Filter <--click for more

I admit it. I am a coffee fanatic. I have at least two cups a day, and I've just now been trying out the Keurig k-cup coffee maker. It's a great little device. But it has a problem. It's expensive! Those little k-cups cost about 50 cents a piece if you can find a really good deal. Even at that, it costs about a dollar a day to get my fix. Certainly not as bad as stopping off at Starbucks, but it does add up. So, I ventured online and found a great little device on Amazon. It's called the Ekobrew Elite, and it's a reusable filter for your Keurig. Put in the ground beans of your choice and you're good to go. A pound of nice coffee will run about $10, and you can certainly make more than 20 cups of coffee with it. Maybe about 50 or so. That comes to about 20 cents per cup. Less than half the cost of using a new k-cup each time. And you have complete control of your coffee, which is really nice if it doesn't come in k-cups yet.

Order the Ekobrew Elite Reusable Filter from Amazon HERE.

Ivory Tower Group Spintax Tool <--click for more

Ivory Tower Group has just created a new tool, and it's absolutely free. It's for generating your own unique articles using spintax. If you have a few documents with embedded spintax, and you want to create unique versions, run it through our spintax tool. It works quickly and will give you the random text you want, without the need for any expensive software.

Check out the Ivory Tower Group Spintax Tool here.

Qualities of Entrepreneurs <--click for more

An entrepreneur can do many wonderful things. In fact, many people are amazed with the way an entrepreneur's mind works. How does an entrepreneur become successful? And most importantly, do you want to be a successful entrepreneur, too?

Firstly, an effective entrepreneur should have great ideas. You need to do the research to see if your business concept is feasible. After collecting all the needed data, you can now decide if you will pursue the business idea or simply file it and do it in the future. For instance, let.s say you decide to pursue the idea. The next thing that you would have to focus on is generating the capital needed.

The projects undertaken by entrepreneurs should be done in a careful manner. Proper research is a very important aspect in determining if a venture is viable or not. Saturated and established markets are a big no for entrepreneurs because their aim is to make more money. With this kind of situation, the business that they are about to put up is suicidal because of the extreme competition.

Playing with Stress Management Balls <--click for more

The best method for managing stress is through the meditative arts. Meditation can lead to a state of ultimate happiness. But in this mad, mad world, many say that they don't have time to meditate. What a strange paradox! Meditation leads you to happiness, yet you can't find a moment to become happy? Don't allow stress to get you down. If you have little time for meditation, consider the use of stress management balls.

Stress management balls are great. They are small, and you can take them almost anywhere. If you are feeling stress, take one in your hands and squeeze. Play with it in style. It will take care of your tensions and concerns. It will give you the diversion you need from the brooding state of your mind. It's better for you to have something else to do instead of the useless thinking that starts increasing your stress and tension levels.

Free Comic Book Day is May 4 <--click for more

When the doors open for Free Comic Book Day -- an annual event that's grown in stature from a few stores to some 2,000 worldwide -- publishers and purveyors of tales of heroes and villains will court new readers who, despite the ease of digital displays, are making time for and spending money on comics printed on paper.

Retailers say the turnout and scope of the event, which began in 2002, is giving them and the industry a chance to tout their success by giving away 4.6 million comic books featuring everything from Superman to "The Walking Dead" to Gilbert Hernandez's "Marble Season." It will be held on Saturday.

Allergic to Beer? <--click for more

Did you know it's possible to be allergic to beer? In a recent study from Italy, they found a 45-year-old man who was indeed allergic to 36 different types of beer, and that there were two types he could safely drink.

And the culprit? Usually, it's barley, which is a common ingredient in many beers. Reactions vary, but you can expect anything from itchy skin to nausea and headaches.

For more information, visit Common Allergies

Instant Inflatable Window <--click for more

Stuck in an office or cubicle with no windows? No problem! Instant Inflatable Window to the rescue! Just inflate this Instant Window and hang it on a wall to transform your space from dreary to cheery! Each 19-1/4" x 15-3/4" (10.8 cm), vinyl window features a spectacular view of a remote tropical beach. Comes deflated in a 3-5/8" (9.2 cm) round x 4" (10.2 cm) tall illustrated tin.

No matter where you are, you can have a view that's hard to beat. Instant Inflatable Window gives you a room with a view, even if you 500 feet underground.

One person bought it to make a drab kitchen into a place worth the drudgery. Well, almost. If you need to liven up a room in your abode, give the Instant Inflatable Window a try. It might actually work for you!

For more information on the Instant Inflatable Window, click HERE.

Dreamsphere Trade Copier <--click for more

Are you interested in Forex? Do you want automated Forex income? Want to do it without analyzing charts and the market? Dreamsphere Trade Copier is what you've been looking for.

They analyze the market for you daily. No trading experience is necessary. No time and effort needed on your part. With Dreamsphere Trade Copier, you have everything covered.

Dreamsphere Trade Copier is a mirror trading service created by traders for traders. Using it, you should be able to easily achieve at least 700 pips a month. Earn passive monthly income every month. You don't have to know anything about Forex works to make Forex work for you!

For more information, visit: Dreamsphere Trade Copier

On Teaching Piano Technique <--click for more

Pianists constantly face a problem: how can I instruct piano technique? We encounter various different ways of playing the piano, and recognize that even "experts" of piano technique, whether they are teachers or performers, very often disagree on what are the essential principles of healthy piano playing. Often, the paradox of the naturally gifted pianist reveals itself - there are instances of technically facile performers who are not aware of elements of piano technique, because they have never had to examine or question them. Often, the mantra from piano teachers is "Practice, Practice, Practice". Scales, arpeggios, and technical exercises are prescribed, without acknowledging that an improper technical or practice approach will not lead to natural facility, and may in fact, damage it.

Five Tips to Help with Weight Loss <--click for more

If you are dieting, your goal is to primarily achieve weight loss. Regardless of any other reason you might come up with, weight loss should really be your goal. Less weight is not only good for you, it will make you feel better and also give you a much needed energy boost. What follows below are some good tips to achieve that goal in no time.

Does true love exist? <--click for more

So does true love really exist? Or is it just the name our society has put on the way we feel when we are strongly attracted towards someone? Is true love known to last forever? Can we fall in love more than once? Read on to find out the answer to all these questions and the facts and myths about true love.

Debt Consolidation Loans <--click for more

Are you struggling with a lot of debt? Do you want to find a way to make it easier to deal with? What if it were possible to combine all those different monthly payments into one smaller payment? That's where debt consolidation loans can assist you, and this article is all about how they operate and if they are the right course of action for you to consider. Consider how much simpler life could be if it were possible to have a single smaller payment every month. Also, consider that your debt could actually get taken off your plate in a much smaller period of time. This is all possible, so it's worth considering.

How To Play Violin <--click for more

While you are reading this, a person somewhere on the planet is learning a musical instrument. They could be learning how to play the violin, if not on a regular basis, perhaps for the very first time. Perhaps you have considered picking up the violin at some point in your life, maybe when you were young. And now you're ready to do something with that desire.

Stringed instruments such as guitars and violins, have been popular throughout the world. They are used to great effect in motion picture music and have been able to capture the imagination and pull at the heart strings of viewers everywhere. Whether you're interested in classical music, blue grass, jazz, and even rock and roll, you'll find the violin prevalent in all these genres.

Freelance Writing Gigs <--click for more

Are you a writer? Do you have the desire to become a writer? Do you need help writing? Do you want to get freelance writing gigs? Then this article is for you. I'm going to explain how to create a decent and worthy article in no more than an afternoon's worth of work. This article is the kind of thing you can submit to those article submission sites or put on your own website. If you get enough interest, you could put an advertisement or two on the article page and make some money. The sky is the limit. Well, maybe not the sky, but the ceiling of your bedroom might be just as good.

Moon photography tips <--click for more

Cameras will need to be held steady and have a way to enlarge the image of the moon as it moves across the sky. For observers on the U.S. West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii, photographing a lunar eclipse early Wednesday, Nov. 28, is pretty straightforward: You.ll need to use basically the same camera gear and technique as when shooting an un-eclipsed full moon.

3M Streaming Projector <--click for more

Review from N. Krumpe: Before I got this, I read a lot of forums where people speculated about the quality to expect. They said things like "don't expect better than 480p resolution" and "at best, this will only work in a very dark room". Well I am happy to say that "they" were wrong. This is not an awesome projector, but it is awesome FOR THE PRICE.

Tesla Model S is Motor Trend Car of the Year <--click for more

Motor Trend magazine has named the Tesla Model S its Car of the Year. The magazine's staff selected the all-electric plug-in luxury car out of a field of 11 finalists that included models such as the Ford Fusion, Porsche 911 and Hyundai Azera. It is the first time the magazine's Car of the Year award has ever gone to an all-electric car.

Earn Better Credit on your Android <--click for more

Looking for a great way to start the process of cleaning your credit? Have an Android device? You're in luck. Check out Earn Better Credit, a new Android app that will help you take care of things.

Shifting employment figures raise questions <--click for more

The unemployment rate has finally fallen back to what it was when President Obama took office -- 7.8 percent in September, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. It was down from 8.0 percent in August. But the Heritage Foundation analyzed the figures and concluded the reported drop in the unemployment rate is inconsistent with other economic indicators and may represent statistical sampling error.

Stonehenge Yields New Secrets <--click for more

Stonehenge, one of world's the most famous ancient landmarks, has been studied for centuries. Now, new evidence provides insight into the construction of the famous stone circle.

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